Income Protection

Income Protection insurance is designed to provide a regular income benefit to assist in meeting¬†the insured’s living expenses in the event they are unable to work for an extended period of time because of an illness or injury.


The insured benefit will commence after a nominated waiting period has passed from the time of medical assessment and will continue for as long as they meet this assessment or for the duration of the policy term.


Holding income protection insurance in an individual’s own name generally allows the premiums to be tax-deductible. Alternatively, as is the case with Life and Total and Permanent Disability insurance, Income Protection insurance can be held through your superannuation.


The main benefit of income protection insurance when compared to sickness and accident cover is that it cannot be cancelled by the insurer, providing that premiums are paid in accordance with the policy terms.


The most appropriate form of Income Protection insurance cover that will meet your individual circumstances will be addressed by your PGFS advisor as part of your financial planning process.

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