Life & Permanent Disability Cover

Life Insurance

Life insurance simply is a means of providing additional protection against your financial position in the event of death or the diagnosis of a terminal illness. A lump sum benefit is paid to meet certain expenses that may need to be funded at such a time and avoids drawing on your net financial assets.


Such expenses that you may wish to protect against are the repayment of debt, financial support of your dependants and funeral costs.


PGFS can help you structure your Life insurance so that it is both cost and tax-effective but also tailored to meet your estate planning concerns, thus removing some of the potential burden that your family may face.

Total & Permanent Disability Insurance

Total & Permanent Disability (“TPD”), is designed to provide a lump sum benefit in the event the insured individual suffers an event that results in them being assessed as totally & permanently disabled and unlikely to ever be able to work again. It is a commonly view that this type of insurance can provide potentially more valuable protection to an individual than Life insurance.


TPD insurance can be held in conjunction with Life insurance or as an independent policy. PGFS will help you assess the most appropriate structure that is best for you.

Types of TPD Insurance Assessment

There are two types of definitions that TPD insurance will be assessed by in the event of a claim, commonly referred to as “Own Occupation” and “Any Occupation”. The definition that will apply to any insurance policy considered will generally be affected by your current occupation. Some occupations allow the option as to which meaning of total & permanent disability will apply.


A benefit claim will be assessed differently under each of these alternatives and is based upon the likelihood of the insured person being able to work again. Each type of definition will have a different set of conditions that have to be met for a successful claim to be received.


It is important that you discuss these differences with your PGFS Adviser and how they may affect the insurance cover you consider.

Why do you need Total Disability Insurance

If you can’t work again,

  • You still need capital to survive and pay off debts.
  • You may have greater expenses.
  • You may need to make provision for retirement.
  • You may want your family to maintain their lifestyle even if you can’t work.
  • You are a partner or co-director in a business and you want to ensure the ongoing financial stability of the business should a partner or co-director becomes totally and permanently disabled.
  • You own a business where an employee’s ability or input is vital to the profitability or success of your business, that is, that employee is viewed as a ‘key person’.

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