Are you covered if your injured at work?

Are you covered if your injured at work?


Sab Troncone – Senior Adviser

What most people don’t realise , is that since Work cover Sa was replaced by the return to work act on the 1st of July 2015, the benefit payable to employees who have suffered a work place injury has been substantially reduced .

From the 1\7\2015, the maximum payment for an employee that has been injured at work is 104 weeks of income , the first 52 weeks at full pay and the next 52 weeks at 80%. This is unless you are deemed to be seriously injured , basically permanently disabled unable to work in any occupation ever again , in this case , you will receive  80%of your  income to Age 65.

So what happens to my income when the 2 years are up.

Well you basically need to return to some form of work , even though you may not be fit enough to do so, try and get some government support which has also been made substantially tougher or live off your own funds.

Most employees will have cover under a superannuation fund but from my experience , unless you have previously sought  advice , your cover is probably limited to 2 years anyhow .


AT PGFS we have been providing advice in relation to protecting peoples lively hood for over 30 years .

A fully underwritten income protection policy can provide peace of mind that if you are injured and cant work , you have cover up to age 65.

Unlike the cover provided by your employer under return to work SA , it will cover you 24\7 and not just for accident , it will also protect you if an illness prohibits you from going to work.

Premiums are tax deductable or the cover can be attached to your existing super fund in most cases .

So why not call , text,  email , inbox us and make sure you have the cover in place to protect you and your family’s financial future


Don’t take your or  your family’s  financial security for granted .